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Marty Sampson - I'm Losing My Faith

Marty Sampson - I'm Losing My Faith

Losing faith in God? Christian worship music writer Marty Sampson announces "I'm losing faith"

When you are a celebrity in any field whether it be sport, music or any other profession you can have a big impact on the way others see the world. At the same time social media gives celebrities the tools to connect with their 'audience' so when a well known celebrity announces 'I am losing my faith' ... it's big news in the Christian community.

According to reports prolific worship music writer Marty Sampson revealed he was losing his faith and Christianity is 'just another religion'.

Now this brings up two questions:

  1. Do you struggle with your faith?
  2. And, how would you help someone who is losing their faith.

These are every day challenges all Christians face so I'd welcome your comments at the bottom of this page.

As you can see on social media there is already plenty of debate on Twitter:



As you would expect there was a lot of sadness when the announcement was made by Marty Sampson prompting many people to comment ...

John Mason - God First, Life Second Movement

John Mason, founder of the God First, Life Second movement, said Sampson’s falling away demonstrates that “our minds are directly related to our spiritual position.”

“When sound biblical theology is neglected for an American, spiritualized, cultural friendly replacement, exposure to that theology will naturally turn away a mind, heart & soul that has never submitted to that eternal truth. In other words, the falling away is the right response,” he tweeted.

“The good news is, by God's grace, he and others still have an opportunity to believe in Christ through the truth of the Gospel, be disciplined and trust fully in God's Word with the help of the Spirit. We should pray that someone will talk alongside them and show them the truth.”

Ken Ham - Answers in Genesis

Christian Author Ken HamAnswers in Genesis founder Ken Ham said Sampson's rejection of his former beliefs reinforces the need for parents to instruct their children in doctrinal truths at an early age. “This sad situation about this person is a reminder the church & parents need to teach apologetics to counter today's attacks on God's Word,” he tweeted.

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Losing Faith - Conclusion

It is always sad when someone is losing or has lost their faith. Everyone needs inspiration or motivation every day which was one of the reasons we developed our products and this website.

As a celebrity Marty Sampson has a large social group supporting him in whatever direction he chooses to go. However, all around others are not so fortunate and need all the support they can get from us.

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